Compliance Education and Communication Advisory Group


  • The purpose of the Compliance Education & Communication Advisory Group is to improve the COORDINATION OF THE UNIVERSITY’S COMPLIANCE RELATED TRAINING AND COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES through the collaboration of representatives from key compliance, ethics, and other significant risk areas.


The group will study issues and provide recommendations on topics concerning current and future strategies for training, communication, and reporting. It will be a central forum to:

  • Coordinate communications, events, and training rollouts
  • Collect feedback for improvement
  • Gather metrics to provide updates and compliance activity reports to senior leaders
  • Share and discuss best practices in current education and communication efforts
  • Promote various compliance and ethics training activities at the university
  • Create a coordinated Web presence and marketing approach
  • Collect & share data and feedback
  • Collaborate & organize a university-wide program with activities and seminars in celebration of “Compliance & Ethics Week”


  • Builds a community of collaboration & support
  • Promotes education & awareness of compliance, ethics, and risk programs university-wide
  • Creates a stronger unified presence online and within the university community
  • Provides planned, coordinated and appropriate compliance & ethics related training throughout the year
  • Develops overall strategy to improve & help employees understand how to "Do What’s Right"

This group will build a sense of community and create open communication between organizational units on topics of workforce training, continuous education, effective internal communication initiatives, rollouts, and overall awareness of activity in the compliance, ethics and risk environment.

The goals created for this group are an effort to improve and focus on key areas of an effective compliance and ethics program, namely communication & education.

CECAG Roster

Below is a list of our current Compliance Education and Communication Advisory Group (CECAG). For more information, to join, or questions, please email: 



Athletics Compliance

Chris Johnson

Human Resources Workplace Equity and Performance

Roy Hinds

Environmental Health and Safety

-          Laboratory Safety / Biosafety / Laser Safety

-          Hazardous Materials

-          Occupational Safety / Fire Safety

-          Employee Health Office (EHO)

-          Green U Program

Jairo Betancourt

Tasha Cintron

The University of Miami Police Department

William Gerlach/ John Gullah

Emergency Management

Mathew Shpiner

Medical Risk Management

Myka Whitman

Office of the Vice Provost for Research

Yolanda Davis

Office of HIPAA Privacy & Security

Helenmarie Blake

IT Security

Krista Theodore

Terry Moore Butcher

Office of Billing Compliance

Ivis Matute

Iliana De La Cruz

Maria Suarez

Culture Transformation Project

 Adam Clarke

Export Controls

Bill Collins


Dayma Blanco

Audit and Advisory Services

Marina Garcia

Jill Barron

Disclosures & Conflict of Interest Management

Lory Hayes

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

Orlando Gonzalez

Student Programing

-          SART

-          ‘Canes Care 4 Canes

-          Honor Council

-          IT’s On US/ Title IX

Steve Priekpe

Office of Risk Management

Norma Lango

Regulatory Compliance

Julianne Lee Burgos

Office of Assessment and Accreditation

Claudia Grigorescu

Patty Murphy

Office of Research Administration

Maria E Valero-Martinez

Gloria Brito Gari

Supply Chain

Phil Profeta

Title IX

Bonnie Muschette

University Compliance Servies

Sheila Grangeiro

Faculty Affairs

Bill Tallman

Medical Credentialing

Julie Anne Rowell

Advancement Services

 Mary Prats

Human Subject Research

Joey Cassanova