It's our workplace --- almost a second home --- and we all have many kinds of feelings about it. These feelings can relate to our job responsibilities but can also be direct responses to our co-workers and to the way we think the University, or certain managers, treat the employees. You may ask why the Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer would be talking about feelings. Well, I believe that employee feelings drive organizational culture and that organizational culture strongly influences ethical character. So, when I talk about compliance, I have to begin the conversation by talking about ethics and culture. One of our main objectives here at University Compliance Services is to promote and support an ethical culture – a working environment that reflects the University's commitment to operating with the highest level of integrity while maintaining compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies. Sure, we'll maintain a strong focus on preventing, detecting and correcting violations and wrongdoing. We'll also continue to advance the use of sound management practices in the areas of standards development and communication, training and education, risk assessment and management along with auditing and monitoring. But we'll always remember that it's also our objective to help you feel really good about where you work.