Camps Policy and Procedure

Camps Policy

As per University Policy BSF-090 Camps Policy, all camps and programs that use a University facility, whether they are organized by University departments or users external to the institution, must complete the following: 

1. Coral Gables Camp Facilities User Agreement 
2. Youth Program/Camp Registration Form 
3. Annual Online Emergency Preparedness Training 
4. Any additional forms as may be required by the Facility Coordinator**

Children at Play

Completed forms must be submitted online using this process for University approval.

Camps that do not complete the required forms will not be permitted to utilize any University facility.

PLEASE NOTE: Background checks are required on all camp employees, volunteers, or affiliates working at the University of Miami. This requirement is a material term of the Camp Facilities Use Agreement. The background screening must include a Level 2 background screening as defined by the State of Florida, which includes fingerprint checks through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the immediate termination of the Camp Facilities Use Agreement.

All persons wishing to organize a camp on the University of Miami Coral Gables Campus must complete a Youth Program/Camp Registration Form and include any additional documents that explain or clarify details related to the Camp.

Should the Camp involve the use of a University facility, the Camp Director* will reserve the facility through the appropriate Facility Coordinator** and complete a Camps Facility Use Agreement. Once completed, the Camps Facility Use Agreement and Youth Program/Camp Registration Form, along with appropriate insurance documentation, shall be submitted online by the Camp Director for University approval.

*Camp Director: The person(s) responsible for coordinating all Camp activity. The individual(s) may be a University employee or an individual external to the University.

**Facility Coordinator: A University employee in charge of a University Facility with authority to permit the use of the facility.